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Shubhra is a freelance designer for theatre, textiles & print and works between the UK and India.  She works primarily with design for set, costume and performance, and larger-than-life Puppetry that draws from a range of traditional forms, such as Rod and Japanese Bunraku. 

Shubhra has designed for a variety of performance forms from contemporary dance to promenade puppetry and mainstream theatre.



" I'm always on the lookout for projects that push boundaries. My pet project and hopefully a life-long one is my little company the Tirasila Theatre Practice. My designs tend to be tactile and organic, and I believe strongly in the concept of a universal aesthetic and in the symbiotic processes that create performance..."



MA, Theatre Design, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, UK

Textile Design, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India 

About Shubhra

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