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Script : Shubhra Nayar
Director : Shubhra Nayar
Co-Director : Raj Nayar
Designer : Shubhra Nayar
Puppet Construction : Tarsh Thekaekara, Shubhra Nayar
Costume Construction : Arundhaty
Set Construction : Shubhra Nayar, Students of Rishi Valley School
Lighting Design : Raj Nayar
Filmed by : Tariq Thekaekara

Puppeteers and Cast : Students of Rishi Valley School

Production: Aduni & the Watertutu
Location: Rishi Valley School, India

Company : The Tirasila Theatre Practice

Year : January, 2013
Production style : Puppetry


From her home in the barren lands, Aduni follows her adven​turous heart out of the bustling Market Place into a forest full of curious creatures - 300 year old Fisherfolk, a hermit Composer & a Lady who Weaves Fates.

12 puppets and 20 puppeteers keep an audience of 300 enraptured while Aduni is rescued by her friend Goto's pet bird, the Watertutu.


Shubhra Nayar . Performance Design

a selection 2009-17
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