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a selection 2009-17

Shubhra Nayar . Performance Design


Director/ Choreographer : Viivi Keskinen
Set & Costume Design : Shubhra Nayar
Costume Sourcing & Construction : Angharad Spencer, Hazel 
Lighting : Joe Fletcher
Photography : Roy Campbell-Moore

Dancers : Viivi Keskinen, Maria Hayday, Stefanos Bizas, Yuval Lev, Annabeth Berkeley, Dane, Karol Cysewski

Production: Of Birds & Monsters
Location: the Dance House, Wales Millenium Centre, Cardiff

Company : Diversions Dance Company

Year : June, 2009
Production style : Contemporary Dance

An individual’s trials through life, emotional turmoil and circumstance, the bitter sour quality of existence,, and the battered but resilient nature of the human race.

Divided loosely through different pieces of music, the dancers in groups and pairs, knot and release,cling and fall, are weighed down by unseen burdens, and swing with childlike abandon.

photo by Roy Cambell-Moore

The seating arrangement of flight boxes, wooden bar stools, an old couch & wooden church chairs - mirrored the flight-box layout onstage that formed the set, and seated 120 people on each day of the show.  

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