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a selection 2009-17

Shubhra Nayar . Performance Design

"Hark! The crow calls and the elements roar to tell of my freedom.

A mixed freedom I call it, a costly freedom, as freedom is wont to be.

I, free to do as I please, to roam the earth, the seas and the skies as no other spirit has been known to, and so more alone..."



This adaptation of the Tempest is a celebration of Shakespeare's wit and word, through the eyes of Ariel, sprite slave to Prospero. The last of Shakespeare's plays to the world, it's simple plot highlights his exemplary skill with characterization that played into this form of puppetry with natural ease.


The production was a result of 5 weeks of development time, from scripting, through puppet construction, to training and rehearsals and was produced (part-promenade) to an audience of 80, in the gardens of the beautiful old Dutch building that is now David Hall, a classic setting for the tale and the life-size puppets.


It aims to be performed in broad daylight on a beach, shored up in the Tempest!

Original Script, The Tempest : William Shakespeare

Script Adaptation: Shubhra Nayar


Director : Shubhra Nayar

Puppeteer Training : Raj Nayar & Shubhra Nayar

Puppet Design, Making and Rendering : Shubhra Nayar

Puppet Construction : Tarsh Thekaekara

Costume Construction : Arundhaty & Aditi Nayar

Costume assistance : Shirani Thomas

Script assistance : Rahul Chacko

Lighting : Raj Nayar

Photography : Aditi Nayar


Puppeteers : Paul Mathew, Sangeeta Mathew, Maxie Jose, Sidharth, Reggie, Maneesha Panicker, Josh




Production: The Sprite of the Salt Deep
Locations: David Hall, Fort Cochin, India

(Shakespeare Festival 2014) 

Company : Tirasila Theatre Practice

Year : April 2014

Production Style : Puppetry


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