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This section is like a picture blog of processes (a whole host of projects were just a bit too crazy to get any pictures of ! ). In here you should find snippets of the fun stuff and the hard work thats gone into the Projects and the Productions. You'll probably also see all the amazing people behind the scenes that make my dream projects real.

Design Process 2014 -17
Akshayambara - Process


Designed over three months, hours of video conferences, phonecalls and some moving rehearsals, this production is a classic example of design deeply integrated with performance.



The joys of research, reading between the lines, and exploring potential dimensions are raised to a metaphysical level when playtime spews wholesome and beautiful solutions, grounded in technical details and practical challenges. The images on the left show details of the processes with design for set and costume separately and as they merge into design for performance.



What began as Vesha in English-Kannada, transitioned gracefully into the powerful all Kannada Akshyambara. What began as a casual chat on a roof top in 2009 transpired into a unique collaborative moment in 2015. Seeded by one woman(Sharanya Ramprakash), and fed, clothed and loved by a fabulous team, this show has gone and is going places. Happy journeying!




Sketches | Photos and Production details

Excercises with Puppeteering

Aduni & the Watertutu - Process

Prior to the workshop and the show, the production team designed and created the basic structures of all the puppets with wood, wire and pvc piping. and the faces were made from papier mache and M-Seal over clay moulds.

The filling out of the basic structures, rendering of all the puppets and the faces, costumes for puppets and puppeteers and the sets and props were done in the Valley, during the workshop.

Here are one or two photos of each stage of development,   as much as we could get in between the frantic work times!

The Sprite of the Salt Deep - Process


The seed of this show was born in a studio in Wales in 2009. In 2012, Ariel was designed, and a hip, two legs, arms and wooden carved hands took shape.

In 2014, the script got rolling first on the waterfront of a historic city and then in a glass-house workshop in the hills of India. ​​All the puppets were created in two weeks with rehearsals running simultaneously. The puppeteers, transient and resident to the city, were the stars of the show!


Sketches | Video and Production details


For the entire process visit The Sprite of the Salt Deep in retrospective real-time!

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